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How to Apply for Conformity Assessments

After reading all the information on this website you possibly reached the conclusion that you need Wheelmark approval for your marine equipment. Accordingly you need to apply for the conformity assessments for your products with one of the Notified Bodies listed in "NANDO" with a scope covering your equipment.
The Marine Equipment Directive provides basic information, in the text of the Modules, on the procedure for the application for the assessments. The manufacturer or his authorized representative should consider the following in advance:

(1) Which Modules do I prefer to use? (B+D), (B+E), (B+F) or G
(2) Are the preferred Modules allowed for my product(s)?
(3) Shall I have all Modules with the same Notified Body?

Important: Only a Module B is not sufficient to sell your products, or have them placed on board an EU Flag ship!!!!

- Is there a quality system in place, Is the production in small series or lots, only once/twice per year, is it a unique one of a kind product?
- Does the implementing Regulation allow or prohibits certain Modules for certain products?
- Are there practical or financial benefits to have all modules with one Notified Body? e.g. if prototype (Module B) in Europe, and production in China, it may be convenient or cost effective to use two Notified Body's, one for Module B, and another one for Module D or F.

The Marine Equipment Directive specifically allows for using multiple Notified Bodies who have, in principle, to accept each others certificates!

May you have decided to choose NKK(Netherlands)BV as your preferred Notified Body, then please contact us first by phone or e-mail, we may be able to inform you by return if your product is within our scope, and if we have possibilities to provide the required services allowing you to obtain the Module B Certification and or request the Module D or F assessments / inspections. We will also be able to provide for an initial quotation, and a time frame.
For contact details please refer to our About page.

For additional information and for our Terms and Conditions please download our aplication form. This form gives information on data to be provided and lists our Terms and Conditions.

Application Form in PDF format

Please do not hesitate to contact us may you need more information, or if you prefer to receive the application form in "word" format for easy completion.