NKK(Netherlands)BV - Approvals


According to the Marine Equipment Directive each notified body shall publish information on Conformity Assessments carried out. Accordingly "Approvals" may they have passed or failed. Previously we published this data on our own website. Considering however that we have to report the results of our "Approvals" to EMSA, Lisbon, who publishes our data on their MarED website, it was decided to discontinue publishing the conformity assessment data on this new website. This decision was mainly based on the following considerations:
- To avoid maintaining two separate datasets, with possible erorrs between the two datasets;
- To allow customers full and up to date access to their data, as the MarED website allows for search functions and faster data access.
A further advantage to the customers/ manufacturers is that the dataset is now updated monthly whereas previously updating of our own website took often more time.

The data can be accessed on the website indicated below:


If you visit this website for the first time you will have to Register (free of charge) to obtain a login name and a password. The website contains next to the database of approved marine equipment news and information on the development and implementation of the Marine Equipment Directive and allows for downloading of the body text of the Directive, the latest Implementing Regulations, and much more.