NKK(Netherlands)BV - Impartiality Statement

Impartiality Statement

1. Mission

The Mission of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Netherlands) B.V. (hereinafter referred to as NKK (Netherlands) B.V.) In order to fulfill its tasks of enhancing the Safety at Sea and the prevention of Marine Pollution, NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall operate in accordance with all relevant international conventions, statutory regulations and other applicable standards. NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall make every effort to establish an organized system for conducting business, and shall strive not only to maintain that system, but to make continual improvements to that system in order to earn and maintain the trust of its customers and of the society at large.

2. Impartiality, Independence and Integrity

All personnel of the NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall remain free from any commercial, financial and other pressures which may affect their impartial judgement on inspections and assessments. NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall maintain its status as an independent organization and provide its services as an impartial third party. All employees of NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall work so as to bring neither disgrace to their companies honor nor detriment to the companies interests. Further, employees of NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall not take action in the name of their employer, nor make use of their official title, except in the pursuit of their official duties.

3. Confidentiality of Information

NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall recognize all certificates issued by itself as well as all relevant inspection and or assessment documents submitted by customers and all information obtained during the certification processes as confidential information, and the contents or copies of such documents shall not be made available to other parties except as defined in relevant international conventions, required by applicable legislation, court order, legal proceedings, adherence to the government requests, or by the manufacturer’s authorization.

4. Implementation of inspections and assessments

NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall conduct all inspections/assessments fairly and impartially and in strict accordance with the relevant Council Directive on Marine Equipment as amended, applicable standards and so on, which shall be implemented among the Member States. NKK (Netherlands) B.V. shall not issue certificates, notifications or other documents, and shall not endorse such certificates, without performing the required inspections and/or fulfilling other stipulated requirements, accordingly.

5. Observance of applicable Laws

NKK (Netherlands) B.V. recognizes that it has obligations to the society at large and shall execute all of its duties and activities in strict adherence with all applicable laws and social standards.

The Management of the NKK (Netherlands) B.V. therefore recognizes adherence to this Code of Ethics as part of the companies mission (Quality Policy), and shall not only ensure that all members of NKK (Netherlands) B.V. ’s staff are made familiar with this Code, but shall also establish a system to ensure its effective application. Further, in the event of a serious violation of this Code or the law, the management of the NKK (Netherlands) B.V. recognizes that it has the responsibility to investigate the cause of the violation and to take timely and appropriate corrective action in order to prevent the recurrence of such violations.

Revised on September 30, 2021


For the Management of
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Netherlands)B.V.