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Development of This Website

NKK (Netherlands)BV, at that time NK Rotterdam Office, started way back in 2003 with the development of their first website. Internet was young, and we just obtained our own domain: www.classnk.nl. At that time the website was written in HTML, using an ordinary word processor like notepad or similar. HTML did not allow for fancy websites and was quite straight forward: Text, Images, and Links, that was about it. Considering that the website was developed after reading "Websites for Dummies" and in available spare time it was not too bad, and it suited its purpose which was among others, providing contact details on our company and providing basic information on the Marine Equipment Directive.

Nowadays we have HTML version 5, CSS and Java, there are online software systems like "WordPress", "Joomla" etc. available and much more. Considering however that I do not want to use, for obvious reasons, third party software, WYSIWYG software or a Content Management System I decided to develop and write this website again in HTML, now the latest version, using CSS and even starting with some small Java scripts. after purchasing books, checking available information on the Web, self study and spending some winter evenings.

Although the website is definitely not State of the Art, it is a nice start of a more modern website which still has as main purpose providing information on the Marine Equipment Directive and providing contact details on our company. I hope that I succeeded in this goal and that you as visitor found relevant information, or possibly links to other websites with the required information.

Comments on errors and or suggestions for improvement are most welcome!

Contact Details

You can reach us at the following address:

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Netherlands) BV
Notified Body (Marine Equipment Directive) Number 0849
Park Barendrecht, Villa 7
1e Barendrechtseweg 48
2992 XC Barendrecht
The Netherlands

By phone: + 31 180 643580

And by e-mail at: rt@classnk.or.jp

PS-1, our fax is phased out.
PS-2, we may also be contacted on info@classnk.nl (for notified body related correspondence) for Class related matters our preferred e-mail address is listed above (rt@classnk.or.jp).

NKK (Netherlands) BV is not notified by the Government of The Netherlands for the full scope of products listed in the latest Implementing Regulation EU 2022/1157. We can for example not carry out conformity assessments on Navigation Equipment (group 4) and Radio-communication Equipment (group 5). For the other groups we cover almost the full scope.
(please contact us for more information to confirm if your product is covered by our notification).